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What is Action Kintore?

Action Kintore SCIO is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with OSCR, the Scottish Charity Regulator. Registered charity number SC040421.

Why was it set up?

Action Kintore was established in 2009. Our initial project was to create a meeting place for young people in our area. Thanks to widespread support 'The Bothie' ( moved to a purpose built centre, opened in 2013.


What's next?
Action Kintore is now looking to bring the magnificent 18th century Town House (pictured at the top of this website) back into use as a fitting centrepiece for our ancient Royal Burgh. We want to create a vibrant hub for community events, functions and exhibitions.

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Making it happen

Action Kintore is composed largely of volunteers from the community.

Our achievements are due to the support and encouragement from the community, our hard-working volunteers, local councillors, Kintore and District Community Council and Aberdeenshire  Council​


As a community charity, our activities are funded entirely from donations, grants and fundraising.


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What is The Bothie?

Recognising the need for somewhere for our young people in and around Kintore to meet in a safe, inspiring and supportive environment, Action Kintore set about planning The Bothie.


Our goal was to foster personal development and to build resilience to face challenges.

When did it start?

In 2009, The Bothie opened its doors in part of Kintore's historic Town House. But the dream was always for The Bothie to have its own home. 


With the support and encouragement of community, volunteers, trustees, the authorities, the purpose-built permanent home for The Bothie was opened in 2013.


How was it achieved?

The opening was a remarkable achievement, made possible thanks to financial support, from individuals, corporate supporters and trusts.  

Action Kintore continues to rely on donors and grants to cover the running costs of The Bothie. From the outset we resolved to make this support accessible and sessions in The Bothie are free.

Where can I find out more?

The Bothie has its own website at



At the heart of Kintore

The Town House in Kintore is a magnificent statement of civic pride for one of Scotland's most ancient Royal Burghs

What is its history?

The Town House was completed in 1747 by the Earl of Kintore when he was Provost of the Royal Burgh. Over the years the Town House has served many purposes – council chamber, court house, school, police station, jail and more. It was also temporary home for 'The Bothie', before the purpose-built centre opened in 2013.


What's next?
To have a future, the Town House needs a new role in the community. It needs to be an asset for Kintore. It needs to be used, appreciated, cared for and maintained.

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Making it happen

Action Kintore is working to finalise a new role for the Town House. The aim is for it to become a vibrant hub for events, functions and exhibitions. A source of pride for our people and a destination for visitors.  


A remarkable achievement

The realisation of the vision for The Bothie, was a remarkable achievement for Action Kintore, and its enthusiastic community supporters.

Our next project, to make the Town House a proud community asset, will, once again, require wide-ranging community support. 

What do we need to make it happen?

We need enthusiastic volunteers to give their time and effort. Appropriate skills would, of course, be a bonus, particularly in youth work for The Bothie, project management and property services for the Town House and, for both, fundraising. 

How can I find out more about helping? 

If you would like to find out more we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at

How do I make a donation?

You can make a donation to Action Kintore at

You can also support Action Kintore by renting the The Bothie for events, when it is not being used by our young people. Scroll down to 'Book The Bothie for your event' on The Bothie website.


How do we give the Town House a new future?

We're clear that, to ensure the future of the Town House, we have to make it a community asset, once again.

Why not leave the Town House as it is?

An empty building can all-to-quickly deteriorate and become a target for vandals. That is why it is vital that it is open to be appreciated and cherished by everyone in Kintore. 


What future is proposed for the Town House?

In consultation with planners, historic building experts and the local community we looked at various opportunities. 


What limitations do we have to work with?

As a historic A-listed building there are strict limitations on what can be done to the Town House to preserve its heritage. It is also a relatively small building. So space is an inevitable limitation. 


What were the essentials?

To have a sustainable future, even as a charity, the Town House has make revenue to pay for its upkeep. Costs will be kept low thanks to community volunteers donating their time and expertise.

What is the most essential feature?

The refurbished Town House must be accessible for all. A new stairway and lift is essential. Guided by planners and conservation experts, a glazed extension at the back of the building, is seen as the best option to minimise the visual impact.

What facilities are proposed?

A multi-purpose hall on the first floor is proposed to host functions, concerts, recitals, meetings, parties, exhibitions, film shows, receptions, business events and even small weddings. Below this hall will be a kitchen, office and toilets..


The fabric of the historic council chamber will be conserved, with the room being used as a 'green room', committee, seminar room and bar.

The former jail under the double stairway is earmarked as a display and exhibition space to showcase the history of the Town House and the heritage of the ancient Royal Burgh of Kintore and its parish. 

What else is proposed?

To bring in revenue for the upkeep of the Town House, a rental unit is proposed below the council chamber (to the right of the external stairs). This could be ideal for a café in The Square – either as a new enterprise or a satellite of an existing business. 

It would need more floorspace. To achieve this, in consultation with planners and conservation bodies, a see-through glass extension is proposed. Not only would this have limited visual impact, it would also provide all-weather enjoyment of The Square for customers.

What else is are we proposing?

We hope to improve the setting of Town House by enhancing the area around it. This would include replacing the uneven tarmac surface with attractive flagstones and enhancing the trees and planters.


Architect's drawings of the Town House

Produced in consultation with planners and historic building conservation experts, these are the plans for the refurbished Town House.

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